The group was founded by Shri. KOWTHA SURYANARAYAN ROW PANTULU, the scion of a leading business family in Vijayawada in 1907, as a trading company. He was then joined a few years later by Shri. C. A. CHETTIAR and the two bought over the cast iron foundry and structural fabrication shop located in Madras from Oakes & Co. in 1919. The next generation enlarged the areas of activities by adding manufacturing facilities at Vijayawada and Hyderabad. They ventured into large volume fabrication and erection contracts over the entire Southern sub-continent. They have been joined in the business by the third & fourth generation during the past 35 years.

The Directors are assisted by a team of Senior and Middle level Managers with collectively exhaustive expertise and experience in steel construction and foundry. The Group is committed to Human Resource Development and has on-going programs of continuing education and training.


  • K.L. Manohar

    Diploma in Commerce. Over 50 years’ experience in Management and Commercial functions.

  • C. Ramesh Kumar

    Master of Science in Civil engineering (Structural) from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, USA. Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Madras University. Member in various Professional Institutions in India & abroad. 35 years' experience in Management.

  • C. Ravindran

    Master's Degree in Commerce and Member in various Professional Institutions. 35 years' experience in Management.