Over 100 years of memorable history

INDIAN COMMERCE & INDUSTRIES CO. PVT. LTD., the flagship company of the BEEHIVE KOWTHA GROUP, was founded in 1907. From a humble beginning as a trading company, our group has grown into one of the largest Steel Construction & Project Engineering Companies in South India with full-fledged fabrication units in Chennai, Sriperumbudur, Kakkalur Vijayawada and Hyderabad and a Steel Foundry at Vijayawada. Our group has adequate equipment and resources to set up full-fledged fabrication shops at several project sites simultaneously, in addition to our factories.

The Steel Foundry specializes in wear-resistant Low, Medium and High Alloy Castings of various grades, Manganese Steel, Stainless Steel, Grey Iron, SG Iron Hematite, Nihard and Silicon Iron (for Acid Plants) Castings. The Group is managed by third and fourth generation promoter family members, well-qualified and experienced in management of engineering enterprises.

Execution of large volume contracts with tight completion schedules and high standards of quality, has been our forte. With an engineering department, equipped with the latest technologies & Softwares, manned by qualified and experienced engineers and draughtsmen and with a vast array of data acquired over 100 years of service, we are well equipped to develop engineering details for any project at short notice. As a major engineering contractor specializing in steel buildings, technological structures, tankages, process equipment, towers, piping and steel castings, we have the patronage of most of the leading architects, engineering consultants and project authorities in south India.

With firm plans to augment the manufacturing facilities and enlarge our operating base, we are well on our way towards establishing ourselves as one of the leading EPC Contractors in South India. The plans on the anvil include, entry into environmental engineering, equipment erection, civil construction, and engineering consultancy. Having executed a number of export contracts for fabricated structures, steel buildings, process equipment, castings and transmission line tower components, we are planning a major thrust in the export front.

The group was founded by Shri. KOWTHA SURYANARAYAN ROW PANTULU, the scion of a leading business family in Vijayawada in 1907, as a trading company. He was then joined a few years later by Shri. C. A. CHETTIAR and the two bought over the cast iron foundry and structural fabrication shop located in Madras from Oakes & Co. in 1919.

In 1952, The next generation enlarged the areas of activities by establishing Kowtha Steel Products in Ramavarappadu, Andhra Pradesh, specialising in Steel Castings and Steel Fabrication. They ventured into large volume fabrication and erection contracts over the entire Southern sub-continent. They have been joined in the business by the third & fourth generation during the past 35 years. A dedicated PEB plant at Sriperumbudur and a unit at Kakkalur have been added during this period.

The Directors are assisted by a team of senior and mid-level Managers with collectively exhaustive expertise and experience in steel construction and foundry activities. We are committed to Human Resource Development and have on-going programs of continuing education and training.


  • 1907

    “Indian Commerce & Industries Co. was founded by Kowtha Suryanarayana Row”

  • 1919

    “Indian Commerce & Industries Co. accquired the 1893 established Beehive Foundry from Oakes & Co. Madras”

  • 1937

    “ICI became a limited company, and Beehive Foundry Engineering Works, a unit of ICI”

  • 1952

    “ICI established Kowtha Steel Products as its unit in Ramavarrapdu, Andhra Pradesh”