• Cement Plants

    Manganese steel liner plates, diaphragm plates, feed end side liner plates, grate plates, danula rings, beaters hammers, crusher jaws, chain links

  • Sugar Mills

    Sprocket wheels, trash plates, bagasse wheels, water cool bearing housings, gear wheels, cutting knives, couplings, hub castings

  • Fertilizer Plants

    Cast steel straight pipes, bend pipes, toothed and plain hammers, grating plates, crushing rolls, flanges, bearing housings, liner plates couplings, tyre pads, drive pulleys, manganese steel blades, skirt assemblies, connecting rods, scrapes blades, plummer blocks

  • Mining Machinery

    Spares, reclaimer buckets, track wheels, adaptors, tooth points, shovel teeth, knife plates, gear wheels, spider arms, crushing rolls, dipper door assemblies, various types of apron pan castings for conveyor system

  • Chemical Plants

    Hammers, striking bars, gear wheels